Custom Jewelry

Celebrating Life’s Wonders

Custom jewelry should be special. Designed and made specifically for you, a piece of custom jewelry can do so much: put a smile on your face, express your sense of style, and celebrate the important moments in your life.

At The King’s Jewelers, we work with you to find and create your vision. We give the creative process the time it deserves – you’ll never feel rushed or pressured. Many times, people want custom jewelry as a symbolic, meaningful way to acknowledge and remember an important time in their life, whether that’s the birth of a child, a milestone anniversary, a personal accomplishment or professional achievement. Our team uses the best design tools and decades of experience to help you create a design that says everything you want it to say.

A Legacy of Excellence: Craftsmanship & Quality

An amazing piece of custom jewelry begins with a unique and meaningful design, but it doesn’t stop there. The next step is to bring that vision to life, transforming the plan into a wonderful piece of jewelry that delights and amazes. This is where craftsmanship and quality come into the picture. The goldsmiths who create our custom jewelry designs are masters of their art, consistently creating heirloom quality rings, pendants, earrings and more.

illustration of progression of ring being made

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