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Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: Which Diamond is Right for You?

At The King's Jewelers, our goal is to offer you all the options and education for you to make the right diamond choice for you. Lab-grown diamonds can be a great alternative to natural diamonds, particularly if you are trying to work within a certain budget or want a larger-sized diamond. They are the same chemically and visually as a diamond that occurs naturally. They also have the same durability. Natural and lab diamonds are both graded on the same color, clarity, and cut scale. There is the same variation among these grades, so a trained professional should still help you navigate the process of choosing your diamond!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds More Ethical or Environmentally Friendly?

Not necessarily. The natural diamond industry has made significant forward progress in the last couple of decades. They are committed to rehabilitating the land used for mining and ensuring ethical working conditions for miners. Not to mention, natural diamonds are an important economic resource in many developing countries, particularly in Africa. Lab-grown diamonds are often marketed as the more ethical or environmentally friendly option, but in our research, these issues are more complex and these factors alone don't make natural or lab diamonds a significantly better choice over the other. So, why would you choose natural vs. lab? See below!

Why Choose Natural Diamonds?

Romance: Natural diamonds are created in the Earth over the course of years and years. It is likely the oldest thing you will ever hold!

Rarity: Natural diamonds are a finite natural resource. The number of gem-quality 1ct diamonds mined each year would fill only one exercise ball.

Enduring Value: Natural diamonds are known to hold value through the decades. While we do not recommend buying natural diamonds as an investment (ie. expecting them to increase in value), they will hold value as they are passed on through generations.

Upgrades: Our upgrade program is only available for natural diamonds! Trade-in your natural diamond purchased from The King's Jewelers to increase its size or quality*.

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds?

The Best Alternative: If you are looking for an alternative to natural diamonds for any reason, lab-grown diamonds have the same durability, structure, and beauty as a natural diamond. They are perfect for everyday wear!

Cost-Effective: If a natural diamond in the size and quality you are hoping for is beyond your budget, a lab-grown diamond might be the perfect option.

Size: Lab-grown diamonds offer a solution to those who want a larger diamond than their budget can sustain with a natural diamond!

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