Expert Care for Your Fine jewelry

At The King’s Jewelers, the most important thing is taking care of our clients. For four generations, we’ve been using our experience, expertise and artistry to provide a superior full-service experience. Our master goldsmiths, watchmakers, and gemologists work as a team to meet all of your jewelry needs.

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Don’t give up on your damaged jewelry. We’ll evaluate the damage, give you repair options, and let you know what the work will cost. If that sounds good to you, our master goldsmiths will get to work. Repairs are professionally done so you can enjoy wearing your jewelry with confidence.

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Free jewelry cleaning and inspection is available every day. A simple cleaning can dramatically enhance the appearance of your jewelry. While you are here, we will also check the prongs and structural integrity so that you can minimize the potential of a lost gemstone. As colored gemstone experts we know how to handle gemstones that require special care, as well. We recommend having your jewelry inspected and cleaned every six months.

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Our Graduate Gemologist can personally evaluate your jewelry and compose a formal written appraisal for either insurance or estate purposes. The costs for appraisals are $195 for the first piece and $150 for each additional. Due to the high demand and detailed nature of appraisals, the average turn around time for up to five items is within two weeks. Please contact us to determine our current wait time. If you do not need a written appraisal and are just interested in selling your jewelry or determining whether it is genuine, one of our associates can tell you a cash or consignment price at no charge. Please schedule an appointment; we look forward to assisting you.

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Wish List

Make it easy for people to give you wonderful surprises. To make shopping fun, The King’s Jewelers maintains a complimentary Wish List service for our customers. When you see a piece of jewelry you’d love to have, just let one of our associates know. We’ll add it to your Wish List. Your Wish List is a great resource for the sweetheart, friend, or loved one who wants to give you a gift that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

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One of the wonderful things about jewelry is that it retains value. Even when styles change or you change your mind, chances are that someone would love what you want to sell. The King's Jewelers can help you determine a current market value of your jewelry and sell it through our popular Estate and Consignment section.

In addition to showing customers your jewelry in our showcases and online, we’ll help you set a fair price for your item based on market demand. Once your jewelry sells, you’ll be paid a percentage of the selling price - you receive 60% for items priced at $2000 or more and 55% for items under $2000.

We make selling jewelry on consignment simple and easy. Schedule an appointment. You will be treated with courtesy, respect, gratitude and compassion. You’ll always be treated with courtesy, respect, and gratitude.

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We Buy Gold

The King’s Jewelers is always buying gold, diamonds, loose gemstones, and select pieces of estate jewelry.

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Watches: Service & Repair

Our on-site watch repairs include battery changes and watchband adjustments. We offer while-you-wait watch battery changes on most watches for $20. If you buy a Tissot watch from us, we offer free battery changes for the lifetime of the watch! We can adjust most metal watch bands while you wait. The cost for a band adjustment is $15, but no charge if the watch was purchased here. We have a selection of leather watch bands of varying sizes in stock and many additional options available for order.

We also work with a great local watchmaker who services Swiss watches. If you have a Swiss watch in need of repair, you can leave it with us to get an estimate for service.